Things are poppin at JO-MUSIK

First off, we would like to congratulate one of our favorite singers, Amber Carrington, for getting to the finals of The Voice. She's done numerous tunes for us, as well as Open Heart Musicals. Shes a great girl, and WHAT A VOICE! Just finished 5 tunes for Trevor Douglas, and up and coming singer/songwriter who also happened to be the voice of Zak in Open Hearts "Whats Up Zak". He's had a lot of recognition, is involved in the Septien Program where he has won some competitions, and is writing some great original stuff. Just did a Kickin Christian tune for Miriam Relyea, called Blessed. She is out of Austin-hope to be doing a lot more for her. We did 14 cuts for a new rapper-Simile-very original sounding stuff. He's headed to basic training for the US Army, where I hope they can march to some good beats. I'll be a judge for the DSA songwriting contest this year-hope you entered!

We are doing more and more work for various lyricists, adding the melody and music, the most prolific of which is Roger Russell, president of the Dallas Songwriters Association.We have about 15 tracks done, available for various uses. Check out all the new music on the music page, and check out Open Heart Musicals to hear the new musical, "Land Of The Lost And Found".