Studio upgrade complete!

We are pleased to announce major upgrades to our core setup. Protools HDX DSP, 16/16 Analog converters, and lots of new softwear including Native 9, Waves Platinum and classic compressors, Omnisphere, and Trillian. We have just completed the audio portion of "Praise Takes Flight", a book with innovative ideas for youth choir, including 39 original songs and tracks, featuring our killer collection of very young singers, for Choristers Guild. Open heart Musicals most recent musical "Land Of The Lost And Found" has received J W Peppers editors choice award-Lots of great original songs and a great story. As always, we are recording and producing numerous songs for various writers and artists. Check out the music page.

We have also been doing a lot of music and melodies for lyric writers, and finishing songs for writers and artists who sometimes can't quite get over the hump with a song. If you come in here, your song will get finished to your liking, no matter what it might need. Song production tends to go hand in hand with writing consultation, which can keep cost down and have a working demo created through the writing process.