by Joe Milton

Like a master chef, I have spent my life learning how to cook up good music.

After leaving North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) and touring non stop for 7 years, I settled in LA, and started making my living as a performer, writer, and studio musician. All of my own time and money was spent in some studio, writing and recording whatever project or band I was working on at the time.

To help develop my own stuff, I borrowed what I figured to be one year’s worth of estimated recording budget and bought a small 8-track setup. I applied what I had learned watching and asking questions in the bigger studios I had been in, and set about the task of really learning to engineer, as well as mastering the art of sequencing on a variety of free standing and computer based platforms. I still ended up blowing a bunch of money in my usual haunts to get the sound I needed, but after a while, things started sounding pretty good at home.

Soon my friends were asking if I could produce and record their songs. That coupled with the fact that I could play and/or write most any style of music, prompted me to start JO-MUSIK. Thousands of projects later, JO-MUSIK has grown into a state of the art, full service studio that can handle most any live, programmed, or combination session in a variety of formats. Recently relocated to my hometown of Dallas, Texas, we have a growing base of great players and great clients. No matter what your needs, we will produce a great sounding product, from a simple demo to a major record, for a reasonable price, with lots of spice!

We do lots of tunes by mail, with just a scratch vocal recording or sheet music for reference, and are always ready to help with any part of the writing process. A background in performance also helps give insight into what really works. We can write lyrics to your music, or music to your lyrics, and produce and record your song or project, on whatever level your budget will allow. We can do songs or album packages for a set price using our players, or we can produce your band, supplying whatever you feel you need to get it done, here, or in any other studio you are comfortable with. In addition, we know lots of folks on all levels of the industry to call on for specialized needs, and to further projects we are heavily involved with after they are done.

We have done music for film and TV, voice over and dialogue, music for plays, live shows, jingles, industrials, videos, websites, funerals, and that's about all I can think of right now. We do take-downs, tracks, editing, and mastering. We can provide original songs for singers, as well as cues, score, background music, parodies or custom lyric writing.  We also have a large catalog available of all the things previously mentioned.

Give us a call. We will do everything we know how to make your project work. JO-MUSIK depends on repeat business, and we put our heart into everything we do.

Hope to hear from you, and thanks!

~ Joe


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