Because the last mile can be the hardest.

These days everyone has a studio at home of some sort. Most folks, however, don't have one quite like ours, or the experience that 3000+ songs will bring you. We’re always recording drums or horns or strings, adding guitars, live grand piano, cutting vocals, or mixing tunes or cues for our professional musician buddies and aspiring producers who have almost everything, but are lacking the space to cut live drums, a bathroom and proper air conditioning in the studio, mixing chops, or whatever, to complete their project, or just don't want to mess with it.

We are happy to help songwriters or artists that need some mixing or sweetening, but want to keep some or most of what they have already done. We began doing this because most recording formats are way more compatible than they used to be. Remember... to be competitive, you need to sound as good as who you are competing with!

Please note, we do this on a per project level -- don't want to make up some laundry list of stuff and prices - just contact us and we'll work it out!