2 Summer camps coming up, and more...

We will be doing 2 summer camps this year-have not yet set the dates. I encourage writers and artists to come on in and work on those songs-we will help you finish them as well as record and produce them. No need to wait for summer.

There has been some great talent coming through. Country Artist Greg Alan cut 5 tunes. Just heard 1 of them-"Lets Go Make Some" is charting. Its up on my music page.

Dalton Rapattoni and Fly Away Hero cut 5 tunes in December-Great young band, and Dalton is currently in LA working on tunes for Simon Fullers Boy Band project. Working on a CD for a Christian vocal group called Evergreen-5 talented female singers and some great tunes.

I will be judging the pop and rock catagory for Dallas Songwriters Assc. song contest-get you submissions in now. It is one of the older and more established contests-good one to enter! Looking for some votes for our play "Whats Up Zak" to get a nomination for the Gospel Music Association Dove awards. If your a member, vote for us-catagory 5. Check out http://openheartmusicals.com.

Not last or least, I cut 20 new tunes for my mother, Genia Milton. She is 84, and still an amazing piano and organ player. Check out WFAA's recent story on her.