2010 - What a great year

Lots has happened in 2010

First off- I had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful and talented woman named Kim Ingram, who brought me on board to do the music for some songs to a Christian children's play she had written. After an inspiring performance at her church, she decided to do another, and we again collaborated on the songs.

"Whats Up Zak", the second one, was published almost immediately, which involved a huge recording of the entire play, both music and dialogue. Experience in film and TV sure did help me during the recording process. With the extraordinary success of "Whats Up Zak", we revisited the first play, which was renamed "Breaking News-Baby Born In Bethlehem", and was picked up by Kimpke's and JW Pepper publishing before the recording was even finished. Now we are "Open Heart Musicals", and we have a wonderful group of young and very young singers, who are being heard around the country, and hopefully, the world. Visit http://openheartmusicals.com and have a listen.

Amber Carrington from Rockwall did a great job singing all the guide tracks for "Breaking News" and parts in most all the songs. She is also featured on one of my songs, "I Wont Cry" which is on the music page.

2010 has brought a lot of younger talent to Jo-Musik, not only to record, but also for help in song development. We offered 2 summer camps this year-songwriting and production, and studio recording for singers. We are just beginning to offer an ongoing artist workshop which combines songwriting, production, and recording with some guitar, piano and voice.